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What's the main product range of HZRYCM company?

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Author : Henry zhang
Update time : 2020-06-08 23:36:00

What's the main product range of HZRYCM company ?

HZRYCM company's main product including:

1. Electrostatic Powder coating system
• Manual and Automatic Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment
• Powder Coating Spray Gun and Spare parts
• Powder Feeding hopper
• Powder Hose 
• Powder Injector

2. Electrostatic Liquid Painting System
• Manual electrostatic liquid painting machine
• Disk painting

3. Electrostatic Flocking system
• Portable Handle flocking machine
• Flock spraying equipment
• Complete flocking production line design and production

4. Finishing production line
• Powder spray booth
• Drying and curing oven
• Powder feeding system
• Mono-cyclone and multi-tubes cyclone system
• Powder feeding center
• Conveyor system
• Other spare parts

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