About Us
About Us

     Hangzhou Honteen Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd (Brand: Honteen)  is experienced and professional company in Electrostatic Equipment such as Complete Manual or Automatic Powder Coating Equipment, Electrostatic Liquid Paiting Machine ,Electrostatic FLocking Line ,High Voltage generator, Control unit, PCB for all kinds of Spare Parts Of electrostatic powder coating machine,Powder Coating spray gun , Powder spray gun body, round and flat jet nozzles, powder injector, powder hopper, powder hose and other spare parts ;  

    HONTEEN company is one fast developping company due to its advanced technology in static charges and good pre-sales, during-sales and after-sales service.  Just becasue of this , now we are accpectable and popular by more and more customers globally .

  Eventually, we sincerely welcome to cooperate with you whateve you are big or small company, whatever you are  freshman or experienced man in finishing industry. We'd like to develop ourself with customer together all the time.

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