Split Stainless Steel Powder Hopper RY-PH301

Item No.: RY-PH30100000
RY-PH301 Stainless powder hopper is one kind of  fast color changing powder buket caused by its split and disassebling structure of hopper body, top cover, bottom cover and fludized plate are easy to be disassembled for fast color cleaning.
  • Product: Split stainless powder hopper,stainless powder container,powder bucket
  • Model: RY-PH301
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥50SETS
  • Description

    1. Powder feeding hopper introduction
    ♦ Product:  Split Stainless powderhopper/powder barrel/powder bucket/Powder container
    ♦ Model  :  RY-PH301
    ♦ Material: Stainless steel
    ♦ Purpose: Fast color changing and cleaning hopper
    ♦ Function:  Powder stock and suppling center to powder spray gun continuously.

    2. Standard configuration
    1)  1× Stainless powder hopper body
    2)  1× Top cover & Bottom cover
    3)  1× Compressed air-in connector

    Split stainless powder hopper RY-PH301

    3.Optional spare parts
    3.1  Fludizing plate 

    Fludizing plate
    3.2 Powder suction Pipe
    Powder suction pipe
    3.3 Over-flowing powder tube
    Over flowing Corrugated hose

    4.Powder hopper details of RY-PH301
    4.1 Fast lock and releasing hasp
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    4.2  Top Stainless powder hopper cover
    Stainless Powder hopper cover

    Fludized plate for stainless powder hopper

    4.3  Stainless powder conatiner body
    Stainless Powder coantiner body
    4.4 Firm handle for easier moving
    Firm handle for easier moving
    4.5 Full split strucrure for fast color changing or cleaning
    Fast color changing stainless hopper
    4.6 Packing and dimension of powder barrel
    HZRYCM RY-PH301 split powder hopper supplier

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