45L Stainless Steel Powder Hopper RY-PH101

Item No.: RY-PH1010000
RY-PH101 Stainless powder feeding hopper is one fuldized container to supply powder to electrostatic powder coating spray gun continuously with good fludizing effect. Powder hopper surface is neat ,easy cleaning.
  • Product: Powder feeding hopper,powder coating hopper,fludizing hopper,powder barrel
  • Model: RY-PH101
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥20SETS
  • Description

    1. Powder feeding hopper introduction
    ♦ Product:  Stainless powder feeding hopper/powder barrel
    ♦ Model  :  RY-PH101
    ♦ Material: Stainless steel
    ♦ Purpose: Spare parts of Electrostatic powder coating equipment
    ♦ Function:  Powder stock and suppling center to powder spray gun continuously.

    Stainless Powder Feeding hopper

    2. Standard configuration
    1)  1× Stainless powder hopper/barrel body
    2)  1× Powder feeding barrel/hopper cover
    3)  1× Compressed air-in connector

    Powder Feeding Barrel

    3.Optional spare parts
    3.1  Fludizing plate 

    Fludizing plate
    3.2 Powder suction Pipe
    Powder suction pipe
    3.3 Over-flowing powder tube
    Over-flowing Corrugated pipe


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