PCB Board of Powder Painting Equipment RY-PCB-201

Item No.: RY-PCB2012P24V
RY-PCB-201 PCB is Updated printed circuit board on the basis of  101PCB for the powder spraying high voltage generator with features of more higher HV output ensuring good first-time powder attractive effect.
  • Product: PCB of Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment
  • Model: RY-PCB-201
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥10 SETS For Distributor
  • Description

    Aftermarket Replacement PCB Circuit board of Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

    1. Brief  Information 

    RY-PCB-201 PCB is one model of imitated KCI 801 electrostatic printed circuit board , the prominent feature of this model is real HV output  
    with following advantages:

    More higher HV output , much better negetive attractive ablility sticked to powder particles;
    Much higher HV output , more efficient for one-time powder absorption capaicty, more percentage of powder easier to stick on the product
         or workpiece surface. 

    Suitable for grooved,complicated shaped and deep corner products electrostatic coating.
    201 Powder Coating Machine PCB
    RY-PCB-201  Top View
    KCI 801 Powder Coating Equipment PCB
    RY-PCB-201  Front View
    KCI powder spray gun PCB
    RY-PCB-201  Side View

    2. Product Details & Description

    2.1 Finished control generator case
    201 Electrostatic Generator KCI801 control generator Electrosatic Powder Coating Equiment High Voltage Generator
    RY-KM201 & RY-KA201 HV generator

    2.2 Configuration of RY-PCB-201
    China KCI Powder Coating Machine PCB Supplier aftermarket replace PCB for electrostatic powder coating machine Configuration:
    1 × PCB body 
    1 ×High voltage regulator
    1 ×HV regulator cap

    2.3 Others
    Fitting cascade: 2P24V
    Optimized  matching gun: RY-KM01/RY-KM02/RY-KM03/RY-GM04

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