Stable performance Powder Coating Machine PCB of RY-PCB-108

Item No.: RY-PCB1080000
RY-PCB-108  PCB  Is one classical model printed circuit board  for powder coating machine, because of the good stability, it's popular for decades by customers.
  • Product: Stable performance printed cicuit board of electrostatic powder coating machine
  • Model: RY-PCB-108
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥10 SETS For Wholesaler
  • Description

    Stable Powder Coating Machine printed Circuit board  Model:RY-PCB-108

    1. Basic Information
    Product:  Stable performance printed circuit board PCB for Electrostatic coating machine
    Model   :  RY-PCB-108
    Description : RY-PCB-108 PCB is one model of stable performance Printed circuit board supplying stable input voltage for powder spray gun with durable life-span.
    Components:  Choosing good quality electrical components ensuring the stability.

    2. Product Details
    Mother board of RY-PCB-108
    Mother board PCB for coating machine    
    Display Board of RY-PCB-108
      LED display for powder coating equipment 208 digital display for powder coating machine PCB
    Adjustor Kit of  RY-PCB-658 PCB
    HV adjustor for powder coating machine Current Adjustoer for powder coating equipment Currency regulator for powder coating machine

    3. Configuration
        SX-208 circuit board for powder coating machine

    ♦  1×  Printed circuit board  body
    ♦  2× Digital display board
    ♦  2× Regulator with cap
    ♦  1× HV connection wire
    ♦  1× Current connection wire

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