Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine PCB RY-PCB-101

Item No.: RY-PCB1013P12V
RY-PCB-101 PCB is HZRYCM company Classical and stable model PCB of electrostatic powder coating machine with good reputation from customer more than 15 years.
  • Product: PCB of Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment
  • Model: RY-PCB-101
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥10 SETS For Distributor
  • Description

    RY-PCB-101 Driving PCB for Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine

    1. Brief Introduction of RY-PCB-101 

    RY-PCB-101 Type PCB is our HZRYCM company classial and typical model for adapting to our electrostatic powder coating machine more than
    15 years during its good quality,stable performance and long-term life-span.

    101PCB of Powder Coating Machine
      RY-PCB-101 Body 
    Powder Coating Equipment Printed Circuit board wholesales
     RY-PCB-101 Bar-shaped display
    RY-PCB-101 Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun PCB supplier
     Complete RY-PCB-101 control board

    Design features:
    Choosing good quality electric components ensure the stablity of the PCB
    Optimize the components ensure the durability of the PCB
    Suitable for re-coat workpiece and product coating 

    2. Product Details & Description

    2.1 Finished control generator case
    WX101 Manual Powder Coating Machine Control Unit
    RY-CG101 HV control generator
    RY-M101 coating equipment high voltage generator manufacturer
    RY-CG101 Current and HV display
    china 101 Powder coating machine supplier
    Front View of RY-CG101 HVgenerator

    2.2 Complete PCB kit
    Pcb Of Powder Coating Machine Circuit Board For Powder Coating Machine Connection wire and HV adjustor for coating machine China Powder Spray Equipment Circuit Board

    1 × PCB body
    •​​​​​​​ 1 × Display board
    •​​​​​​​ 1 × Connection wire kit
    •​​​​​​​ 1 × Potentiometer and knob cap

    2.3 Others
    Generally, RY-PCB-101 Is suitable for  3P12V  cascade

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