Copy Gema Opti Powder Spray Gun Manual RY-GM03A

Item No.: RY-GM03A00000
Copy Gema Opti Powder Spray gun ,China model powder coating gun which is not campatible with orginal gema HV control generator;
  • Product: Copy Gema opti powder spray gun , powder coating gun
  • Model: RY-GM03A
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥10 SETS For Distributor
  • Description
    RY-GM03A Complete Copy Gema Optiselect Powder Coating Spray Gun Kit
    1. Brief introduction
    Gema Opti Powder Spray Gun 1) Commodity :  Complete  Copy Gema Optiselect Powder Coating Spray gun kit
    2)  Model           : RY-GM03A
    3)  Application : Spraying and sticking the  powders onto surface of workpiece
    4) Remote control key : No
    5)  Note        :Can't fit original gema control generator

    2.Consists of RY-GM03A powder Coating gun 

    1) 1× Powder spray gun shell
    2) 1× Cascade (Put Inside of the gun)
    3) 1× Gun cable (4m) with connector
    4) 1× Wearing spare part package
    Gema optiselect powder coating gun Gema Optiselect Manual powder spray gun
    Wearing spare parts including:
    1) 1× Round jet nozzle (RY-GM03A-RN)
    2) 1× Flat jet nozzle (RY-GM03A-FN)
    3) 8× Deflectors (RY-GM03A-DF)

    3.Details & Spare Parts

    3.1 Powder spray gun shell /body only
    Manual Gema Opti Powder Coating Gun

    Model: RY-GM03A-GS 

    Manual Gema Powder Pistol
    No "± " Remote control key

     3.2 Hose connector for spray gun & Threaded sleeve (head)
    Hose connector for optiselect powder spray gun Threaded sleeve for gema opti powder spray gun
     3.3 Round jet nozzle ( RY-GM03A-RN)
    Round jet nozzle for powder coating gun Round nozzle for powder spray gun
     3.4 Flat jet nozzle ( RY-GM03A-FN)
    Flat nozzle for Opti spray gun Copy gema optiselect powder spray nozzle flat nozzle

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