Powder Injector Connection Powder hopper connector

Item No.: RY-IC20000000
RY-IC20 is one type of connection between powder injector and powder suction tubes installed on the cover of powder hopper with Inside diameter 20mm;
  • Product: Powder injector base,powder pump coupler
  • Model: RY-IC20
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥50 PCS
  • Description

    Connector between Powder injector and powder suction pipe

    1. Basic information of the RY-IC20

    Powder injector base connection RY-IC20 ♦  Product : Powder hopper connection, powder injector coupler;
    ♦  Model          :  RY-IC20
    ♦  Inside Dia  :  φ20mm (For injector connection)
    ♦  Function: Connecting the powder coating injector and suction pipe;
      Base of installation: Top cover of the powder hopper/barrel
      Raw material           : Engineering plastic
      MOQ                           : ≥50 SETS


    2. Consisits of the RY-IC20 connector
    ♦  1× Powder injector Base/connector/coupler/jointer
    ♦  1× Powder suction pipe/tube connector


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