New developped High HV output Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine

Item No.: RY-3012GM04A2
New stype Good quality Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine.
Fitting to : Deep corner, Grooved and complicated workpiece
  • Product: Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment
  • Model: RY-M301
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥10 SETS For Distributor
  • Description Packing List
    1. Brief introduction

    1.1 Basic introduction
        Product               :High HV output Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment & Machine
    Model                  : RY-M301

    Input power        : 220V/50HZ 
    HV output            :   0~100KV
    Current output   :   0~200μA
    Protection grade:   IP-54  
    Note :  110V input power is customized

    1.2 Features
    HV output  : ≥80KV  Working status True HV output 
    Application: Deepcorner,Grooved complicated Product.
    Operation   : Easier operation by both skilled or fresh men.
    HV display  : Double-bars Display of HV value

    1.3Compressed Air requirement
    Input compressed air   : 0.6~0.8Mpa
    Output compressed air: 0.4~0.6Mpa

    2.Product Introduction

    2.1 HV control Unit
        Model                :   RY-CG301                          
    S/N                     :  RY-CG3017P220
    Input voltage   :  220V/50HZ 
    Gun connector:  7 Pin
    Protection        :  IP-54
    Switch level-0 : Power off
    Switch level-1 : Manual coating
    Switch level-2 : Automatic coating
    Note: 110V  is customized 

    2.2 Powder Spay Gun
    Product: Powder Coating Spray Gun 
    Model    : RY-GM04A
    S/No.     :
    Color      : Blue
    Connector:  7 pin
    Packing wearing parts including:
    ♦  1×Round nozzle  
    ♦  1×Flat nozzle  
    ♦  8×Deflectors 
    Optional Color: Yellow (RY -GM04A12157)
    Spray gun connector : 7 Pin connection

    2.3 Powder Feeding Hopper & Spare parts
        Product       :  Powder Feeding Hopper
    Model          :  RY-PH350550
    S/No            :  RY-PH350550SS
    Material      :  Stainless steel 
    Dimension  :  φ350*550mm    
    Powder hopper body                     :  × 1PC
    Fludizing plate (inside hopper)  :  × 1PC
    Powder Suction Tube                     :  × 1PC
    Over flowing hose                            :  × 1PC
    2.4 Other Details

    3. Delivery & Shipment

    Packing size  :   L47*W44*H66.5CM
    Packed by       :  Carton (Express) or wooden case (by sea if required)
    Gross weight :  30.00~35.00 KGS per carton
    Volume            :  ≈0.15M3/set by carton 
    Delivery date:  Generally, we will arrange delivery within 3~5 days

    4. OEM Fabrication & Distribution

    4.1 OEM farbrication

    1) Can you make OEM fabrication ?
    Re: Yes ,we can .
    2) What we shall submit to you for OEM fabrication ?
    Re: Drawing of steel frame for HV control generator (if require to be change), company LOGO, Design or drawing for front & Rear sticky paper;

    4.2 Distribution
    1) What's your minmum order quantity?
    Re: MOQ≥ 10 sets 

    2) If we can't order 10 sets but want for mixture purchasing ,is it ok?
    Re: Ok , For more details ,negotiable by whatsapp : + 86 186 6813 7396

    PACKING LIST : RY-M301       

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