Gema Optiflow Powder Injector RY-IG02A-CB

Item No.: RY-IG02ACB000
Aftermarket model of Gema Optiflow powder injector/powder pump;
No Gema logo on powder coating pump body;
  • Product: Aftermarket Gema Optiflow Powder injector RY-IG02A-CB
  • Model: RY-IG02A-CB
  • Brand: HZRYCM
  • MOQ: ≥20 SETS For Distributor
  • Description
    1.Brief Introduction

    Product Name      :  Powder Injector/Powder Pump
    Model                    : RY-IG02A-CB (No Gema Logo)
    Surface Treatment: Electroplating
    Fitting Venturi      :  RY-IG02A-IS
    Venturi material    :  
    Anti-friction PTFE plastic
    Distribution MOQ : ≥20 sets


    2.Description & Details

    2.1 Diagram
    1) Powder Injector Body
    2)  Powder Hopper Connection
    3) Insert Sleeve (RY-IG02-IS)
    4) Powder Hose Quick Release Connection
    5) Threaded sleeve
    6)  Check valve unit (Conveying air )
    7)  Check Valve unit  (supplementary air)
    8)  Quick release coupling for conveying air hose connection (Red)
    9)  Quick release coupling for supplmentary air hose connection (Black)

    2.2 Reference Photo of Spare Parts
    Gema Opti powder injector body
    Powder Injector housing
    Gema IG02 powder injector insert sleeve
     Inside Sleeve (RY-IG02A-IS)
    Powder hose connector of IG02 powder pump
    Hose Connection
    Powde injector threaded sleeve
    Threaded Sleeve

    3. Delivery & Shipment

    Packing material   : By carton 
    Mode of transport :  By air , By DHL/TNT/FedEx/Special Route etc Express, By sea
    Delivery                :  2~3 working days

    Distribution MOQ    :  ≥20 PCS

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